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  • Enjoy Loon Watching – A Favorite Up North Minnesota Pastime
    June is a great time to watch for baby loons on the lake, and it’s a real treat to see a chick riding on a parent’s back! Loon chicks spend the first several days under the wing or on a parent’s back to retain body heat. After that, the chicks are totally dependent […]
  • Your Memorial Day Barbecue Must-Haves
    It’s almost Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer in Minnesota! We’ve got you covered with all the last-minute must-haves for your BBQs at the cabin this weekend. Check out this list: Grilling Tool Set Over 2,200 people give this Cuisinart set a 5-star rating. Patriotic Banners Red and blue patriotic banners […]
  • Spring Fishing Up North in Minnesota
    Minnesota is one of America’s premier walleye fishing destinations! It also happens to be our state fish. They’re as fun to fish for as they are good fighters. They taste excellent and are common throughout most of Minnesota. Here are three handy tips for fishing for walleye this spring: Think Shallow Fish will […]
  • 4 Tips for Getting Your Boat Ready for Summer Fun
    Spring is here, and now is a great time to prepare your boat for the upcoming summer fun! There are many different types and sizes of boats, so you will need to create your own spring de-winterizing checklist based on what you have. But here are a few general tips to remember: Double-check […]
  • Foraging Season in Minnesota!
    Enjoy the Outdoors and Have Fun Foraging Up North in Minnesota Spring is the start of foraging season Up North in Minnesota. Many people love foraging because it’s adventurous and gives them a chance to get out, hike around, and pick delicious, local, wild food.  If there’s one critical thing to know when […]
  • Opening the Cabin
    Opening the cabin is a rite of spring for many Minnesotans. Coming back to your home away from home Up North is something to look forward to! Here are some tips to help you plan your first weekend back at the cabin: Before you go Check your boat registration and insurance status to […]
  • Maple Syrup Season in Minnesota – A Delicious Time of Year
    Is your favorite part of pancakes the maple syrup topping? If so, get ready for maple syrup season in Minnesota. Here in the land of 10,000 lakes, March is maple syrup month. Sap usually runs from about March 15 to April 20.  To get pure maple syrup requires boiling down the sap of […]
  • Four Ways to Finance Your Minnesota Dream Cabin
    If you dream of owning a cabin in Northern Minnesota, now is a great time to pursue that dream! One question potential cabin buyers always have is how to pay for it. When it comes to financing a cabin, you have multiple options: Second-Home Loan If you’ve already paid off your first mortgage […]
  • Spring is a Fantastic Time to Buy a Cabin
    If you ask me (or any realtor, really) when the best time is to buy a lake property, I’ll happily tell you, “it’s always a good time to buy a lake property!” It actually is true; there are pros and cons to buying in both the peak and off-peak season, but here is […]
  • Three Fantastic Silent Sports You Need to Try in Northern Minnesota
    The quiet of a winter’s day up north in Minnesota is something everyone needs to experience. Crisp winter air, lightly falling snow, and the beauty of the forest is something to behold! Not everyone enjoys the long, cold winter here. But when you discover the beauty of winter silent sports, a long winter […]
  • The Best Snowmobiling Fun in Northern Minnesota
    Winter in Northern Minnesota is spectacular, and we are fortunate to enjoy a plethora of winter activities, including cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is a particular favorite of many Minnesotans, and if you’re looking for some great trails to ride, you won’t have to look far. Paul Bunyan Trail The […]
  • Three Fantastic Tips for Early Ice Walleye Fishing
    It’s strange to be talking about early ice in late December, but here we are. The mild temperatures have been a bit unusual, but hey – it’s 2020! It looks like winter is finally here, however, and so it’s time to start enjoying some fishing! Here are a few tips for early ice […]
  • Your Guide to a Memorable Christmas at the Cabin
    It’s been a tough year all around. All of the uncertainty and change has made some people more ready than ever to get away from it all. Fantastic holiday memories are yours to be made at the cabin this season. We’ve put together your guide for making Christmas 2020 the most memorable Christmas […]
  • Interesting Minnesota Deer Hunting Facts
    Deer hunting season was reportedly off to a slow start this year. Nevertheless, in general, hunters should have more opportunities to harvest deer because deer populations have increased in much of the state.  Here are some interesting facts about deer hunting in Minnesota: About half the deer shot during the season are shot […]
  • Venison Recipes that Always Satisfy
    The Best Ways to Prepare Venison (with the least amount of work) Despite one of the warmest openers in recent history here in Minnesota, this year’s deer hunting season didn’t disappoint. Many Minnesota hunters successfully filled their tags with trophy bucks and mature does from their hunting property or cabins throughout northern Minnesota.  […]
  • Grouse, Pheasant, and Woodcock Hunting Tips
    It’s woodcock, pheasant, and grouse hunting season in Minnesota, and we are fortunate to have some of the best bird hunting in the country  here in our own state! Whether you choose to hunt in the 34,000-acre Mille Lacs Wildlife Management Area, the 1.6 million acre Chippewa National Forest, or the far northern […]
  • Readying Your Minnesota Cabin for Winter
    Haven’t we had a gorgeous fall?! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and winter will be approaching soon. Here are some essential steps to take to ensure your Minnesota cabin is ready for the winter: Turn off the water. If you don’t use your cabin in the winter, make sure […]
  • Up North Minnesota Leaf-Peeping Tips
    You don’t have to go far to see spectacular fall color where we are in Walker, Minnesota! Minnesota DNR’s Fall Color Finder shows we have reached peak color all around us in Schoolcraft State Park, Itasca State Park, and La Salle Lake State Recreation Area. Some people say these are the most vibrant […]
  • How to Ensure Your Dock is Ready for Winter
    It’s hard to believe summer is over, and we’re already talking about closing up your lakeshore cabins for the winter. Here’s hoping we have several weeks left to enjoy comfortable but cooler weather and no mosquitos! But, when it comes time to winterize your Minnesota lakeshore cabin, here are a few tips: Remove […]
  • Wildlife Food Plot Tips for Northern Minnesota
    Wildlife food plots can be a component of wildlife management on your property up north in Minnesota. Though natural habitat provides suitable cover, food, water, and space, planting annual or perennial crops on your land can provide a supplemental food source for wildlife. Here are a few tips to help you with your […]