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  • A Regional Romantic Getaway: A Valentine’s Visit Full of Favorites
    The heart of Northern Minnesota, with its tranquil wilderness and small-town charm, offers the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. Whether you’re seeking savory sweets and enchanting experiences, or simply basking in each other’s company, this region is the perfect place for couples to reconnect. From extravagant to intimate, we’ve collected several local […]
  • 3 Reasons BHR is the Area’s #1 Real Estate Agency
    When buying or selling any property, you want an expert on your team. When it comes to buying and selling cabins and vacation homes in Northern Minnesota, you want Bill Hansen Realty on your team. Each of our agents offers an unmatched passion for the region, expertise in cabin properties, and a deep […]
  • Expert Tips to Know When You Sell Your Lake Property
    If you’re gearing up to sell your cherished cabin or lake house, you’re in for a unique real estate journey. These private retreats are accompanied by a lifestyle and require considerations beyond the traditional home sale. As Northern Minnesota lakeshore experts, we know the ins and outs of selling a cabin or lake […]
  • An Up-North Winter Survival Guide with Tips Only Locals Know
    Winter in Northern Minnesota is no ordinary season—it’s a legendary test of resilience, an annual battle against the bone-chilling cold that shapes the character of the people who live here. In this frozen tundra, temperatures fall far below freezing and snow piles up in high drifts. Locals have survived winter here for hundreds […]
  • New Year, New Market: Vacation Home Trend Slows To Pre-Pandemic Levels
    As the world wrestles with the aftermath of the pandemic, the once red-hot trend of buying vacation homes is showing signs of cooling off. The surge in demand that characterized the early stages of the pandemic is tapering, and several factors are contributing to this shift. Why is the Vacation Home Market Slowing […]
  • 5 Improvements For The Cabin You Love In 2024
    As we prepare for 2024, we reflect on another year spent inside the family cabin. The gratitude for these peaceful retreats continues to grow, and with it, the needs of a family are constantly evolving. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast seeking solitude or a cabin owner planning upgrades, here are some trends to […]
  • 9 Reasons to Gather at the Cabin this Holiday Season
    Believe it or not, Christmas is coming soon. While it is often held as the “most wonderful time of the year,” hosting a family gathering can be a high-stress experience. Our solution? Have everyone out to the family cabin! Gathering at the cabin is a wonderful and memorable experience and it can save […]
  • The Challenge of Charm: Risks and Rewards of Buying a Cabin with Character
    Old cabins have an understandable allure, with their architectural charm and unique character. The experience of being inside an old home, with all its lived-in quirks, is one of warmth and rich history. However, while picturesque and cozy, these cabins come with a host of potential issues that can turn your dream getaway […]
  • A Comprehensive Guide to the Short Sale: What, Why, and How?
    In the complex world of real estate, a short sale is a term that often comes up, leaving many buyers and sellers puzzled. What exactly is a short sale, and how does one navigate through the process? In this blog post, we’ll break down the fundamental components of a short sale and provide […]
  • A Twist on Tasty Traditional Treats: 17 New Holiday Recipes to Try at the Cabin this Year
    Thanksgiving is a classic holiday where we gather together with family and friends to cook and eat delicious food. When it comes to the specifics of that food, everyone has a slightly different take. Some of us have recipes we’ve used for decades. Some people love the classics. Others are tired of the […]
  • Say Goodbye to Summer with Live Music, Family Fun, and Breathtaking Scenery
    Fall is a time when the Northland’s natural beauty takes center stage, and our communities come alive for one last hoorah before winter settles in. In this blog, we’ll take you on a tour through the heart of Northern Minnesota, to explore some local fall festivals and celebrations. Join us as we uncover […]
  • Preserve and Protect: How to Winterize your Home for Vacancy
    When leaving your home for the long and bitter winter months, it’s critical to thoroughly prepare. The winter cold presents some unique challenges and in a long-vacant home, small problems can quickly escalate. Here is a brief guide for winterizing your home before leaving it behind until spring. Utilities, Fireplaces, and Plumbing: Reduce […]
  • Celebrate the Changing Seasons with These Can’t-Miss Gatherings and Community Events
    Fall is a beautiful season here in Northern, MN, famous for its display of changing colors. Folks flock to visit our vibrant region as the cool weather settles in, for camping, bonfires, beer, and special events. There are plenty of celebrations throughout this change of seasons, and this post will overview some of […]
  • Second Mortgage Success: 5 Hurdles to Avoid, So Your Application Is Approved
    If you’re preparing for major home upgrades or paying off major debt, you may be considering refinancing your home with a second mortgage. This means letting lenders poke around in your finances again, inquiring about other assets, savings, and investments. While refinancing can be an exciting financial move, it’s important to be aware […]
  • Preparing to Sell Your Home? Plan for These Four High-Impact Improvements
    There are countless things to do in preparation for selling your home. After the major improvements are completed, there are a variety of smaller updates and changes that can boost your home’s appeal to buyers, as well as increase its value prior to listing. These four improvements are accessible, affordable, and have a […]
  • 7 Ways to Save Money When Buying Your Next Home
    Buying a new home is a major expense, often the biggest in someone’s lifetime. It comes with many layers of financial responsibility. The expense isn’t just the big number you see on a listing – it’s also closing costs, inspections, insurance, taxes, etc. The good news is every expense is another opportunity for […]
  • Capture Minnesota’s Unique Summer Experience with These Adventure Ideas
    Most residents of Minnesota know – it’s the summers that make the winters worth living through. With all the nature and water that surrounds us, even in the cities, there is no limit on recreation options once the weather warms up. Bill Hansen Realty’s guide to outdoor recreation includes many of the classics […]
  • 5 Indicators that Now Is the Time to Sell Your Property
    Choosing to sell a property is a big decision; the process is complex, and a lot of money is on the line. Determining the right time to sell is crucial: one that aligns with your personal needs and circumstances. While many factors can influence this decision, such as the state of the real […]
  • Top 5 Tips for Financing or Refinancing Your Home
    Whether you are looking to finance a new home or refinance an existing one, it can be a daunting task to navigate the world of lenders, interest rates, and repayment terms. However, with some research and guidance, you can make the process a bit easier on yourself. Four Components of The Average Home […]
  • Celebrate Summer with the 6 Best Beaches the Region Has to Offer
    Our beloved home of Minnesota is known for its abundant lakes, and there’s no shortage of beautiful beaches in the state. Here are six of our favorite area resorts with amazing beaches. Some offer public access while others are for guests only, but each provides unique features, activities, and lodging options. Blue Water […]
  • Trouble with Commercial Property Shopping? You Deserve an Expert.
    Buying commercial property can be a wise investment that offers long-term financial benefits. However, purchasing a commercial property is a complex process that requires specific knowledge. Here are some things you will need to know about when buying commercial property. Major Differences Between Buying Residential and Commercial Properties Buying commercial property is vastly […]
  • Make a More Powerful Offer with a Mortgage Pre-Qualification
    Obtaining a mortgage is an essential part of the home buying process, and pre-qualification can be an easy first step. Being pre-qualified streamlines the home buying process and gives you an idea of how much banks may be willing to lend you. Here is what you need to know about getting pre-qualified for […]
  • A Fun History of Walker, Minnesota You May Not Have Known
    The Early Days of Walker, MN Like much of the United States, the land known today as Walker, MN was originally inhabited by indigenous people. The Dakota tribe settled there for a long time before they were eventually pushed out by the Ojibwe people, moving west from the Great Lakes. European American settlers […]
  • 8 Things to Look for When Viewing a Potential Property
    Buying any real estate can be an overwhelming process but buying a cabin comes with its own unique considerations. Here’s what to look for when you’re viewing a potential property. Cabin Location It’s critical to consider the location and accessibility of the property. While you can make changes to the building and accommodations, […]
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Vacation Home
    Real Estate is one of the most popular ways for individuals in the United States to build wealth and equity. If you’ve been looking for ways to earn more income, buying a vacation home might be right for you. Here are the reasons why we think you should consider buying a vacation home.  […]
  • 4 Ways to Keep Your Cabin Energy Efficient This Winter
    Winter in Northern Minnesota can really wreak havoc on your heating and energy bills. If you like spending time at your cabin during the winter months, below freezing temps and lots of snowfall, can make it difficult to keep it heated. Here are some tips to help you stay warm and energy efficient […]
  • Tips to Help You Prepare for Opening Your Cabin this Spring
    There’s still a bit of time left before winter is over and we’re ready to start making our weekend trips to the cabin. But it is never too early to be prepared! We’ve pulled together some tips to help you get prepared to open your cabin this spring!  Make a Plan Decide what […]
  • 4 Ways to Stay Safe at the Cabin this Winter
    Many of us still love heading to the cabin during the Winter months, despite the cold and snow. But there is a lot more to consider when it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones. Here are some things you can do to prepare when you head to the cabin […]
  • Two Changes That Could Be Coming to the Housing Market in 2023
    The pandemic caused some major changes to the Northern Minnesota housing market—especially in the vacation home market. More people were looking for escapes from their homes and cities and to spend time in nature. Fewer people were moving so, there was less inventory for buyers. This meant that sellers often had the upper […]
  • Three Activities to Keep You Entertained at the Cabin this Winter
    While most of us Minnesotans are used to the cold and snow, there are just some days when you feel like cozying in and having an indoor activity day. These three activities are fun for all ages and will help you pass the time as you stay warm and dry. Create an Indoor […]
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having a Well Inspection
    Are you considering purchasing a cabin Up North in Minnesota that has a private well? Or maybe you own a cabin with a well that you’ve never had inspected. Although Minnesota state law does not require a well inspection or water testing for a property transfer, it might be a good idea to […]
  • Top Christmas Gifts for Everyone on Your List at the Cabin
    If you’re looking to make your Christmas Up North at the cabin the best one yet, you’ve come to the right place. These unique gifts will be a hit with each of your loved ones this year.  For the Coffee Lover Winnow MN brings you the best coffees from local roasteries throughout Minnesota. […]
  • 4 Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Your First Vacation Property
    If you’ve never bought a second home before, you might have a lot of questions about owning a vacation property. Here are 4 of the most common questions about buying a vacation home to help you get started.  Can I afford a second home?  Buying an additional property is a big financial step. […]
  • Building Your Own Hunting Cabin? Here are 3 Ways to Get Started.
    Hunting season in Northern Minnesota is upon us! Has it been your dream to have and build your own hunting property? Here are three tips to help you get started.  Research Locations and Local Hunting Laws Do your research and find ideal locations with options to buy bare land. Decide if you want […]
  • 4 Things to Consider If You’re Moving to the Cabin Full-Time
    The Pandemic changed a lot of the ways that we operate our lives day-to-day. For many people that means working from home full-time. This can give you the opportunity to travel and you might have spent some extra time at the cabin this summer. Maybe it has even got you thinking that you’d […]
  • Best Advice for Buying a Cabin with Friends or Family
    One of the most financially savvy ways to achieve your dreams of buying a Northern Minnesota vacation home is to go in with friends or family. But there is a lot to think about when it comes to joint ownership of your Up North Cabin. These are the best pieces of advice we […]
  • Best Fall Activities in Northern Minnesota You Need to Check Out
    We might be biased, but we think that Northern Minnesota has the best fall around. The trees are a sight to see and Minnesotans drive from all over the state and even cross the border to see the changing leaves. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there are so many fun fall activities […]
  • Four Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Older Cabin Property
    Minnesota brings a lot of rich history. Thanks to the beautiful scenery Up North, people have built some gorgeous cabin properties over the years. Older homes tend to have solid structural bones and a ton of charm and character, but because of their age, some issues can arise while owning an aged property. […]
  • Create Your Dream Minnesota Cabin With These Easy Rustic Design Ideas
    If you love rustic style design, your cabin is a great place to run wild with your rustic design dreams. Because this style focuses on bringing the outdoors in with natural materials and rugged elements, you can give your cabin the makeover you’ve been waiting for Up North in Minnesota! Here are some […]
  • Five Reasons Why Working With a Real Estate Agent Matters
    You might wonder if buying or selling your next vacation home is something you can tackle yourself without a professional. While you can certainly manage the details of buying or selling a home, here are some excellent reasons why working with a real estate agent makes a difference.  You have access to their […]
  • 3 Fun Day Trips Under 3 Hours from the Leech Lake Area
    Summer is a great time to take a day trip or two with family or friends for some new scenery and fun activities. These 3 day trips are under three hours of driving and have a ton of options for everyone at every age.  Fargo, ND Fargo offers everything from art to history […]
  • 4 Popular Housing Market Myths vs. Reality
    There’s a lot of misinformation out there about purchasing a home and what’s happening in the housing market. Here are four common myths going around and the facts that debunk them.  Myth #1: I have to renovate/fix up my house or vacation home before selling it.  Reality: That might have been true several […]
  • Fun Northern Minnesota Summer Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss
    In Minnesota, we know how to do summer right! With long winters and a short opportunity to enjoy the warm weather, there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of summer, get outdoors, and enjoy some local events that will create lasting memories.  Sweetheart Days (July 8-13) – Hackensack, MN  Since 1952 Hackensack […]
  • 6 Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects to Spruce Up Your Cabin
    If you’re tired of looking at the same spaces in your cabin, here are some super simple DIY projects you can do to enhance any room and make you want to linger Up North a little longer. 1. Paint the Walls A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room. You […]
  • Four Outstanding ATV and OHV Trails in Northern Minnesota
    If you love getting outdoors on your All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV), there are four great trails in Northern Minnesota that you should check out this year.  Soo Line North Trail: Cass County This 52-mile trail makes its way through Bowstring State Forest and lands you on Cass Lake. The trail […]
  • 5 Common Mistakes Home Buyers and Sellers Make That You Can Avoid
    Buying or selling a home is an exciting time and often means a fresh start. There are many ways that a home deal can go sideways, but staying aware and educated can help you to make the process more approachable and uncomplicated.  Being unrealistic about price/value When both the buyer and the seller […]
  • 3 Prize Winning Lake Fishing Spots to Check out this Year
    Lakes are beginning to thaw this spring, and many Minnesotans are dusting off their boats and tackle boxes. We’ve got the lineup for you if you’re looking for a record-breaking, prize-winning, or rare fish! Here are the best lakes to fish in when you head Up North this year.  Leech Lake If you’re […]
  • Four Tips for Buying Your Dream Waterfront Cabin
    Is this the year you’re looking to buy your dream waterfront vacation property Up North? We’ve got four tips to help you find a cabin that meets your needs!  Know What You’re Looking For The first step is to be clear about what you’re looking for. Make a list of your must-haves: is […]
  • Three Easy Things that Will Help You Get Ready for Spring at the Cabin
    We are Up North in Minnesota, so probably have many winter days ahead of us. But Spring is still on its way, so now is as good a time as ever to start planning to get your cabin ready for the season. Here are some tasks to keep in mind as you’re prepping […]
  • Six Minnesota Trails You Have to Hike
    Hiking season will soon be upon us, and now is the time to start planning where you want to hike this year. Some of these trails even have winter accessibility so that you can check them out now while you plan your Spring and Summer hiking outings.  Paul Bunyan Trail Not just for […]
  • Dealing with Winter’s Harsh Impact on Your House or Cabin
    Wintertime can be harsh on our homes Up North, but it is nothing a little extra care and maintenance can’t solve. Here are some items you can be checking on throughout the winter months to ensure you and your loved ones are staying safe, getting the most out of your home, and ensuring […]
  • Four Winter Festivals You’ll Want to Check Out this Year
    We’ve got several more months of winter on the way Up North, and sometimes it can be hard to get out and do something fun with all of the cold and snow. That’s why we’ve pulled together some great Winter festivals and events happening this year that will make this winter season even […]
  • Make the Most of Your Money by Moving Up North
    Even if you’re not entirely up to date on the current Minnesota Housing market, you’ve probably heard about recent rising prices and bidding wars. While it’s true that property values have risen, taking advantage of the benefits of the housing market Up North can help you make the most of your money. By […]
  • 5 Tips for Having the Best Cabin Christmas Yet
    The snow is gathering in Northern Minnesota and causing everyone to really begin embracing the Christmas spirit. You might be getting together with people you weren’t able to last year, so as you’re gearing up to enjoy the holiday up North, we have some tips to help you have the best Christmas at […]
  • Three Easy Ways to Prepare Your Cabin to Sell
    If you are preparing to sell your cabin, you can do some easy things to help get top dollar and sell it quickly.  Declutter Walk through your cabin with a critical eye and put away any seldom-used recreational equipment, as well as any piles of books, magazines, or odds and ends that have […]
  • Top Christmas Gifts That Deer Hunters Will Love This Year
    It’s deer hunting season here up north in Minnesota! It’s also the holiday season, and many are starting their gift buying early due to supply chain shortages. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of great gifts for hunters at various price points to make your shopping a bit easier. High-Performance […]
  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Bare or Hunting Land Purchase
    Have you ever thought about buying a vacant plot of land? While most people are looking for a lot that already has a home built, there are actually several benefits to buying bare land or hunting land.  1. Land can be an easy investment. Because you aren’t dealing with the upkeep of a building, […]
  • How to Prepare Your Cabin for the Winter Up North in Minnesota
    Ready or not, winter will be here before we know it! Whether or not you are planning on closing up your cabin during the snowy months, you’ll need to do a bit of preparation to make sure that it withstands the harsher temperatures and conditions. Here are a few things you will want […]
  • Winterize Your Boat Dock in 5 Easy Steps
    Summer is drawing to a close, which means it’s time to prepare for the cold weather and snow. Winterizing your boat dock is an important task for this time of year, and doing it properly will help everything stay in top shape. If you’re not sure where to start, here are 5 easy […]
  • Top Real Estate Market Tips When Shopping for Your Dream Cabin
    It’s a competitive market right now when it comes to purchasing a home of any kind. If you’re starting to shop around for a cabin or vacation home, keep some of these tips in mind as you navigate the real estate world: Make a list of deal breakers.  Before you even begin your […]
  • Best Local Festivals and Events in the Leech Lake Area
    Are you looking for something fun to do near Leech Lake and the surrounding areas in northern Minnesota? Check out a few of these fun festivals and events coming up this next month! Walker Farmers Market – every Thursday through September 16, 2021  Take a break and spend some time browsing the Walker […]
  • 5 Best Tips for Financing Your Cabin
    If you’ve recently decided that you’re going to finance your cabin, there are several things to keep in mind. Here are 5 tips that will hopefully help you out in the long run no matter how you’re going about financing your cabin. 1. Check your credit score early on. Your credit score will […]
  • 6 Top Priorities for Remodeling Your Cabin
    Are you thinking about remodeling your cabin? If this is something you’ve put thought into but are stuck on where to start, consider making some of these your top priorities as you begin your project. 1. Assess your current conditions. Start by taking a critical look around your cabin and figure out which […]
  • 4 Local Minnesota Lakes with the Best Fishing
    Minnesota is home to an abundance of lakes, making it one of the best states for freshwater fishing! If you’re searching for some spots to catch some walleye up north this summer, check out our list of the top 4 lakes in the area:  Leech Lake is the third largest lake that lies […]
  • Three Amazing Paddling Opportunities in Up North in Minnesota
    Canoeing is a peaceful way to enjoy the beauty of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, and we are fortunate to have many fantastic paddling spots around the Walker area. Here are three locations to check out if you’re looking for a great place to canoe or kayak. Sucker Bay on Leech Lake is a nice, […]
  • Enjoy Loon Watching – A Favorite Up North Minnesota Pastime
    June is a great time to watch for baby loons on the lake, and it’s a real treat to see a chick riding on a parent’s back! Loon chicks spend the first several days under the wing or on a parent’s back to retain body heat. After that, the chicks are totally dependent […]
  • Your Memorial Day Barbecue Must-Haves
    It’s almost Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer in Minnesota! We’ve got you covered with all the last-minute must-haves for your BBQs at the cabin this weekend. Check out this list: Grilling Tool Set Over 2,200 people give this Cuisinart set a 5-star rating. Patriotic Banners Red and blue patriotic banners […]
  • Spring Fishing Up North in Minnesota
    Minnesota is one of America’s premier walleye fishing destinations! It also happens to be our state fish. They’re as fun to fish for as they are good fighters. They taste excellent and are common throughout most of Minnesota. Here are three handy tips for fishing for walleye this spring: Think Shallow Fish will […]
  • 4 Tips for Getting Your Boat Ready for Summer Fun
    Spring is here, and now is a great time to prepare your boat for the upcoming summer fun! There are many different types and sizes of boats, so you will need to create your own spring de-winterizing checklist based on what you have. But here are a few general tips to remember: Double-check […]
  • Foraging Season in Minnesota!
    Enjoy the Outdoors and Have Fun Foraging Up North in Minnesota Spring is the start of foraging season Up North in Minnesota. Many people love foraging because it’s adventurous and gives them a chance to get out, hike around, and pick delicious, local, wild food.  If there’s one critical thing to know when […]
  • Opening the Cabin
    Opening the cabin is a rite of spring for many Minnesotans. Coming back to your home away from home Up North is something to look forward to! Here are some tips to help you plan your first weekend back at the cabin: Before you go Check your boat registration and insurance status to […]
  • Maple Syrup Season in Minnesota – A Delicious Time of Year
    Is your favorite part of pancakes the maple syrup topping? If so, get ready for maple syrup season in Minnesota. Here in the land of 10,000 lakes, March is maple syrup month. Sap usually runs from about March 15 to April 20.  To get pure maple syrup requires boiling down the sap of […]
  • Four Ways to Finance Your Minnesota Dream Cabin
    If you dream of owning a cabin in Northern Minnesota, now is a great time to pursue that dream! One question potential cabin buyers always have is how to pay for it. When it comes to financing a cabin, you have multiple options: Second-Home Loan If you’ve already paid off your first mortgage […]
  • Spring is a Fantastic Time to Buy a Cabin
    If you ask me (or any realtor, really) when the best time is to buy a lake property, I’ll happily tell you, “it’s always a good time to buy a lake property!” It actually is true; there are pros and cons to buying in both the peak and off-peak season, but here is […]
  • Three Fantastic Silent Sports You Need to Try in Northern Minnesota
    The quiet of a winter’s day up north in Minnesota is something everyone needs to experience. Crisp winter air, lightly falling snow, and the beauty of the forest is something to behold! Not everyone enjoys the long, cold winter here. But when you discover the beauty of winter silent sports, a long winter […]
  • The Best Snowmobiling Fun in Northern Minnesota
    Winter in Northern Minnesota is spectacular, and we are fortunate to enjoy a plethora of winter activities, including cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is a particular favorite of many Minnesotans, and if you’re looking for some great trails to ride, you won’t have to look far. Paul Bunyan Trail The […]
  • Three Fantastic Tips for Early Ice Walleye Fishing
    It’s strange to be talking about early ice in late December, but here we are. The mild temperatures have been a bit unusual, but hey – it’s 2020! It looks like winter is finally here, however, and so it’s time to start enjoying some fishing! Here are a few tips for early ice […]
  • Your Guide to a Memorable Christmas at the Cabin
    It’s been a tough year all around. All of the uncertainty and change has made some people more ready than ever to get away from it all. Fantastic holiday memories are yours to be made at the cabin this season. We’ve put together your guide for making Christmas 2020 the most memorable Christmas […]
  • Interesting Minnesota Deer Hunting Facts
    Deer hunting season was reportedly off to a slow start this year. Nevertheless, in general, hunters should have more opportunities to harvest deer because deer populations have increased in much of the state.  Here are some interesting facts about deer hunting in Minnesota: About half the deer shot during the season are shot […]
  • Venison Recipes that Always Satisfy
    The Best Ways to Prepare Venison (with the least amount of work) Despite one of the warmest openers in recent history here in Minnesota, this year’s deer hunting season didn’t disappoint. Many Minnesota hunters successfully filled their tags with trophy bucks and mature does from their hunting property or cabins throughout northern Minnesota.  […]
  • Grouse, Pheasant, and Woodcock Hunting Tips
    It’s woodcock, pheasant, and grouse hunting season in Minnesota, and we are fortunate to have some of the best bird hunting in the country  here in our own state! Whether you choose to hunt in the 34,000-acre Mille Lacs Wildlife Management Area, the 1.6 million acre Chippewa National Forest, or the far northern […]
  • Readying Your Minnesota Cabin for Winter
    Haven’t we had a gorgeous fall?! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and winter will be approaching soon. Here are some essential steps to take to ensure your Minnesota cabin is ready for the winter: Turn off the water. If you don’t use your cabin in the winter, make sure […]
  • Up North Minnesota Leaf-Peeping Tips
    You don’t have to go far to see spectacular fall color where we are in Walker, Minnesota! Minnesota DNR’s Fall Color Finder shows we have reached peak color all around us in Schoolcraft State Park, Itasca State Park, and La Salle Lake State Recreation Area. Some people say these are the most vibrant […]
  • How to Ensure Your Dock is Ready for Winter
    It’s hard to believe summer is over, and we’re already talking about closing up your lakeshore cabins for the winter. Here’s hoping we have several weeks left to enjoy comfortable but cooler weather and no mosquitos! But, when it comes time to winterize your Minnesota lakeshore cabin, here are a few tips: Remove […]
  • Wildlife Food Plot Tips for Northern Minnesota
    Wildlife food plots can be a component of wildlife management on your property up north in Minnesota. Though natural habitat provides suitable cover, food, water, and space, planting annual or perennial crops on your land can provide a supplemental food source for wildlife. Here are a few tips to help you with your […]
  • Fantastic Walleye and Muskie Fishing in Northern Minnesota
    Minnesota has thousands of lakes and a plethora of great fishing opportunities, and one of the best is in our area. Lake Winnibigoshish (also known as Lake Winnie) has miles of undeveloped shoreline and is genuinely an angler’s paradise. It is 67,000 acres in size and Minnesota’s fifth-largest lake.  Fishing pros know it’s […]
  • 3 Simple Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home for Resale
    There are many small projects around the house that can be done quickly and yield high returns when you decide to sell.
  • Bored with Waterskiing?
    It’s no surprise that here in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, many of our favorite summer activities take place on Minnesota’s abundant bodies of water. Waterskiing is a classic choice, but if you or your family are looking to branch out and try something new behind your boat, here are three activities to consider.
  • Lake Homes and Cabins – Today’s Sellers Market!
    Right now is a great opportunity to sell – both from a price standpoint and from a time-on-market standpoint. Will prices be higher next year if you wait? Maybe. There are a lot of variables in the lake home real estate market right now, and how these events will affect buyers’ behavior is still unknown.
  • Birdwatching in the Land of 10,000 Lakes
    One of the most fascinating — and tranquil — pastimes in Minnesota, and particularly in the northern part of the state, is bird and loon watching. Some birds are easy to spot while others require much more skill and patience. All of them are unique in their own right, and every bird watcher, from the seasoned veteran to the casual observer, has a unique blend of birds to discover throughout the state.