Even if you’re not entirely up to date on the current Minnesota Housing market, you’ve probably heard about recent rising prices and bidding wars. While it’s true that property values have risen, taking advantage of the benefits of the housing market Up North can help you make the most of your money.

By looking at properties Up North, you’ll see an increase in square footage, acreage, and home quality. 

Square Footage

More space and bedrooms to share with your family, and for hosting guests for holidays and vacations.


Enjoy more space for recreation, hunting, or adding new structures to your property! 

Home Quality

Your budget in Northern Minnesota can mean you’ll be looking at newer updates to your home, premium quality materials. By buying properties at lower prices you could also use the money you saved to renovate your new home to your standards. 

Now is the time to start looking and preparing to shop for your dream property. By taking advantage of getting on board with us now, we can be sure to get the newest properties in front of you before the summer rush. Contact us today to start your search!