Ten Mile Lake Real Estate

Ten Mile Lake, just northwest of Hackensack, Minnesota and not far from Leech Lake, is known for its beautiful shorelines, deep fishing waters, and pristine lakeshore properties. From quaint cabin getaways to beautiful, comfortable year-round homes, Ten Mile Lake is one of the most ideal spots for people looking to become lake property owners or year-round Hackensack residents.

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Ten Mile Lake

The majority of the property around Ten Mile Lake (https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/fisheries/slice/ten-mile-lake.html) is privately owned, making this a premium location for lake lot, cabin, and vacation property. At 5,000 acres, the lake is surrounded by private lakefront property, lakeshore cabins, and cottages. With the charm and simplicity of a small town, Hackensack is within a ten-mile radius of 127 lakes. Ideal surroundings. Beautiful landscapes. Picturesque shoreline properties. Ten Mile Lake offers seasonal and year-round residents the perfect Minnesota lake life experience.

Ten Mile Lake Activities

The entire Cass County system of lakes and streams boasts some of the best fishing in Minnesota, with muskie, walleye, northern pike, perch, and large and smallmouth bass. Ten Mile Lake is no exception. It is also connected to a broad system of other lakes in the area, serving as the headwaters of the Boy River. It is a popular route for canoeing and kayaking, since it connects to Boy Lake, Woman Lake, Leech Lake River, and eventually the Mississippi River. Locals also hike the Paul Bunyan Trail (https://www.paulbunyantrail.com) as well as a series of other trails and state parks.

Cabins, Homes and Lake Lots on Ten Mile Lake

Ten Mile Lake is the deepest natural lake entirely within the state of Minnesota (at over 200 feet deep!), making it a truly unique place to own a cabin or lake home or cottage. There’s no better place to own lakeshore property, a cabin, or lakefront home than the Ten Mile Lake/Hackensack, Minnesota area. Be sure to work with Bill Hansen Realty, the realtor who knows the local lakes, the local market, and all of the hard-to-find properties available in the Ten Mile Lake area.

To find a seasonal cabin, lot, or lake home on Ten Mile Lake, work with a realtor who knows the real estate market in Walker, Minnesota. Work with the Bill Hansen Realty Team of local lake real estate experts to find the cabin, lakeshore lot, or vacation property that works for you.