4 Tips for Getting Your Boat Ready for Summer Fun

Spring is here, and now is a great time to prepare your boat for the upcoming summer fun! There are many different types and sizes of boats, so you will need to create your own spring de-winterizing checklist based on what you have.

But here are a few general tips to remember:

Double-check the drain plug

It’s such a simple thing that has caused many people a lot of angst. Don’t assume it’s there; double-check! 

Verify Registration and Permits

Ensure all your watercraft registrations, permits, and any necessary stickers are up to date before you launch in the water.

Inspect Safety  Equipment

Make sure lifejackets are in good condition, and you have the correct number of them on your boat. And, if you have kids, make sure they still fit and are the correct size. Check your fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, and fresh batteries for any sound signaling devices or handheld radios.

Don’t forget the trailer

If you need to trailer your boat to launch, don’t forget to inspect the trailer first since lots can happen over the winter! Check the tire pressure, brake fluid level, tongue lock, and safety chains, and test the lights and electrical connections. 

If you’re not familiar with or need a refresh on Minnesota’s boating and water regulations, please click here for lots of great info.

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