5 Common Mistakes Home Buyers and Sellers Make That You Can Avoid

Buying or selling a home is an exciting time and often means a fresh start. There are many ways that a home deal can go sideways, but staying aware and educated can help you to make the process more approachable and uncomplicated. 

  1. Being unrealistic about price/value

When both the buyer and the seller have unrealistic expectations about the value of a home, it can lead to unintentionally offensive offers or even a lack of decent offers. Take the time to understand the value of homes in the area by looking up comparable properties.

2. Skipping the Inspection

When you skip the inspection as a buyer, you are opening yourself up to the potential of major costly repairs in the future. As a seller, it might seem to your advantage to skip the inspection, but in reality, there could be major issues that you should have disclosed during the purchase process that could turn into legal issues. 

3. Being Inflexible

The truth is, it’s hard to get everything on your checklist as a buyer or as a seller. You’ll likely have to make concessions on amenities, location, price, etc., to get the deal closed. The more open you are to working with the other party, the more likely you will come to an agreement that benefits everyone.

4. Not including the right conditions in your offer

Without a detailed offer, you could be missing out on getting what you need out of the deal. Ensuring that the right conditions are included will help ensure you won’t be taken advantage of.

5. Not hiring an agent

Hiring an agent can make a big difference in the success of your buying and selling process. Having a professional on your side to advocate for you and who knows the ins and outs of the real estate process can ensure that your buying or selling process goes smoothly and provide you peace of mind. 

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