A Twist on Tasty Traditional Treats: 17 New Holiday Recipes to Try at the Cabin this Year

Thanksgiving is a classic holiday where we gather together with family and friends to cook and eat delicious food. When it comes to the specifics of that food, everyone has a slightly different take. Some of us have recipes we’ve used for decades. Some people love the classics. Others are tired of the same old thing and looking for new takes on the traditional menu options. In this blog, we’re bringing you over a dozen new recipes to try at the cabin this holiday season!

New Holiday Appetizer Recipes

Some may wonder, why does such an enormous meal even need appetizers. We don’t have an answer to that question, but we do have 3 fresh and updated ideas for you to try this year!

Something Different: Thanksgiving Vegetables

While many people love vegetables, others believe they are the most in need of an update. Not to say there’s anything wrong with Aunt Susie’s green bean casserole, there’s just a lot of untapped potential in the world of holiday veggies.

You Can Keep Your Turkey

Another risky area to push the boundaries. Turkey is held by many as the one and only “classic” Thanksgiving dish. There are many methods but just one traditional flavor profile – we’re here to offer you a few alternatives.

Different but Delicious Desserts

Some of us love pumpkin, some may think it’s over-rated. Regardless of where you are, we’ve got a new recipe for you.

Something a Little Over the Top

For those of you who are a bit more adventurous, we’ve included a few “honorable mentions” that may push you a bit outside your comfort zone.

We all have things that matter to us when it comes to classic or traditional holiday meals. And that’s what makes Thanksgiving great, right? A little bit of everything comes to the table and you get to build your own plate with whatever it is you love.