Birdwatching in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

At the end of the day, Minnesota is much more than the land of 10,000 lakes. It’s also the land of all the wildlife and landscapes in and around those lakes! Cabin owners, vacationers, and outdoor enthusiasts love calling northern Minnesota their home away from home because of the natural wonder of the surroundings. Endless afternoons on the lake. Miles of shoreline and trails. The distinct call of loons or the melodious call of various common songbirds. 

One of the most fascinating — and tranquil — pastimes in Minnesota, and particularly in the northern part of the state, is bird and loon watching. Some birds are easy to spot while others require much more skill and patience. All of them are unique in their own right, and every bird watcher, from the seasoned veteran to the casual observer, has a unique blend of birds to discover throughout the state. It varies by location and time of year, and it requires the ability to be wait long enough to see and hear something you can recognize. But wherever you’re looking, the idyllic surroundings of Northern Minnesota will give you a chance to experience the beauty of Minnesota’s birds up-close-and-personal.  

It wasn’t that long ago that bald eagles were rare to see. Now you can spot them circling overhead on lakes around the state. Or try trying to track down the hard-to-spot peregrine falcon. See if you can spot one of the 12 species of owls found in our state! Or listen for the distinct, calming call of the white-throated sparrow. 

For some tips on birdwatching in our great state, check out this advice from MPR!

Whatever you’re looking or listening for, the North Woods of Minnesota has what you’re looking for. And whatever kind of vacation property you’re looking for, Bill Hansen Realty has you covered. Find out more by checking out our local listings and searching for the cabin, bare land, or year-round home that’s right for you.