Create Your Dream Minnesota Cabin With These Easy Rustic Design Ideas

If you love rustic style design, your cabin is a great place to run wild with your rustic design dreams. Because this style focuses on bringing the outdoors in with natural materials and rugged elements, you can give your cabin the makeover you’ve been waiting for Up North in Minnesota! Here are some ways you can create that rustic feed in your cabin. 

Rough-Hewn Beams

Rough-hewn beams add instant charm and can be used as ceiling beams,  door or window frames, and as a mantle for your fireplace, creating a classic cabin feel. 

Earth Tones

Think colors you would commonly see in nature, like the woodsy tones from tree bark, rocks, and soil, or subtle green tones from plants, trees, and grass. Keep it simple and mix in creams and whites if you don’t want the color or design to feel too “heavy.”

Weathered Materials

Aged wood, reclaimed wood, hammered metal, and seeded glass are all options that provide visual interest and texture and are perfect for decorating your cabin. You could find furniture or art made with these materials or have them custom-made.

Organic Materials

Organic materials like wood, rock, and leather help you feel connected to nature and provide the warmth people love from rustic design. These items can be easily incorporated into flooring, tiles, or furniture to help bring your design together. 

You can take many directions with the rustic design feel from traditional rustic, farmhouse, simple, or modern! The best part is you get to choose! Creating a rustic design in your Northern Minnesota cabin is a fun project and is made all the more meaningful when incorporating elements from our beautiful Minnesota nature! If you’re looking to remodel soon, check out these 6 Priorities for Remodeling Your Cabin