Dealing with Winter’s Harsh Impact on Your House or Cabin

Wintertime can be harsh on our homes Up North, but it is nothing a little extra care and maintenance can’t solve. Here are some items you can be checking on throughout the winter months to ensure you and your loved ones are staying safe, getting the most out of your home, and ensuring you’re not stuck with a big repair bill.

Preventing frozen pipes

On the coldest days, your plumbing system is at risk for freezing and bursting. On these extra cold days, you can take simple precautions such as opening cabinet doors to allow for better heat flow or leaving your faucets dripping slightly to keep water flowing through your pipes. If your plumbing is a little older, you might choose to wrap pipes with heat tape or foam installation, which can be found online or at your local hardware store. 

Check your heating system

You don’t want to go without heat in the winter, so whatever your heating system is (HVAC, wood stove, etc.), spend the money early on in winter to get your system inspected and cleaned so that you don’t end up with unwelcomed repair during a week with extra-low temps. 

Keep an eye on your gutters

Before winter begins, it’s essential to clear your gutters of debris to lessen the impact and weight on your gutters during winter. Once the cold weather hits, be sure to keep an eye on changing temps and check your gutters to make sure that ice isn’t building up. You can always apply a de-icing product to clear out dammed-up gutters.

Clean up cracked window caulk

Keep an eye out on the caulking around the windows. Change in temperatures can cause caulk to dry and crack. Head to the hardware store to pick up some fresh caulk and get your windows appropriately sealed to save big on heating bills.

We hope you stay warm and safe this winter, and remember, we are here for all of your Up North property needs. Contact Bill Hansen Realty today!