Fun Northern Minnesota Summer Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss

In Minnesota, we know how to do summer right! With long winters and a short opportunity to enjoy the warm weather, there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of summer, get outdoors, and enjoy some local events that will create lasting memories. 

Sweetheart Days (July 8-13) – Hackensack, MN 

Since 1952 Hackensack has been celebrating Sweetheart Days as an homage to Lucette Diana Kensack or “The Lady of the Lake.” Lucette is Paul Bunyon’s wife, and the festival celebrates Lucette’s faithful waiting for Paul to get back from his work in the woods. Her statue stands by the lake, and the festival includes parades, contests, games, art, and more! 

Northwoods Art & Book Festival (August 13) – Hackensack, MN

This event is the longest-running art and literature festival in Minnesota! Featuring local artists and writers, there is plenty to do and see during this one-day festival, including live music, beer, food trucks, lots of booths to visit, art to see, and books to read! 

Moondance Music Festivals (Country: June 16-18, Rock: July 21-23) – Walker, MN

Whether you love rock-and-roll or prefer to two-step to country music, Moondance offers two music festivals in the summer to let you jam out to your favorite music and artists. Since 1992, Moondance has provided music for all at their Walker, MN venue. Be sure to check out their other year-round events to see if your favorite artist might be visiting! 

We’re excited to enjoy summer with you this year! Check out our available properties if you’re looking for your dream cabin to stay in after all of the local fun.