Spring is a Fantastic Time to Buy a Cabin

If you ask me (or any realtor, really) when the best time is to buy a lake property, I’ll happily tell you, “it’s always a good time to buy a lake property!” It actually is true; there are pros and cons to buying in both the peak and off-peak season, but here is why spring is a great time to buy a cabin:

  • Because of the expected influx of potential buyers just before and during the summer months, there are usually a larger number of cabins posted for sale in spring and early summer markets than any other time of year.
  • Not only is there a larger number of cabins to choose from, but there is also a wider price range; thus, you have a better chance of finding the RIGHT lake home or cabin.
  • Buying a cabin in the spring means you get to enjoy a full summer season of making unforgettable memories at your new lake home.

Questions about buying a cabin up north in Minnesota? Please feel free to reach out and contact me.