Three Activities to Keep You Entertained at the Cabin this Winter

While most of us Minnesotans are used to the cold and snow, there are just some days when you feel like cozying in and having an indoor activity day. These three activities are fun for all ages and will help you pass the time as you stay warm and dry.

Create an Indoor Obstacle Course

Gather the pillow, blankets, chairs, and anything else you can find – it’s time to start an obstacle course! For days when it’s too cold, or you just don’t feel like getting wet outside, this is a great activity for all ages. From building the course to racing through it, this will account for hours of fun for everyone. Don’t forget to remove anything breakable and make sure you’re making safe decisions! 

Host an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

This is another great option for people of every age to enjoy the day. Hide clues around the cabin and form teams, or make it a group effort to solve riddles and find a prize! You could also take turns creating scavenger hunts for each other so that the fun lasts even longer!

Get Baking

Whether it’s bread or cake or cookies, this is an activity everyone can get behind. Even if some of your group doesn’t want to participate in the baking, you can be sure that they’ll join in when it comes time for the tasting.
However you choose to spend your time this winter, the team at Bill Hansen Realty hopes that you stay warm and safe! As always, reach out to us at any time with all of your vacation property needs!