Three Easy Things that Will Help You Get Ready for Spring at the Cabin

We are Up North in Minnesota, so probably have many winter days ahead of us. But Spring is still on its way, so now is as good a time as ever to start planning to get your cabin ready for the season. Here are some tasks to keep in mind as you’re prepping for another great year at the cabin!

Schedule a weekend ahead of time to go Up North to check out the cabin. Make a list of everything you want to accomplish so that you don’t miss anything. Don’t forget to check your boat registration and insurance to verify if anything needs to be renewed. 

Do an inspection

Check the interior and exterior of your cabin for any weather or critter damage. Make a plan to repair significant issues first so that you can start enjoying cabin time sooner rather than later. Don’t forget to check your smoke alarm and C02 detector batteries, turn on your water and HVAC, and check your lighting and electrical. 

Restock Necessities

Toss any expired canned food or staples leftover from last year and do an inventory on basics you might need to shop for, such as sunscreen, batteries, bug spray, cleaning supplies, toiletry basics, etc.

Look Over Your Whole Property 

If you have a significant amount of land with your cabin, do a walk (or drive) around the entire property to check for fallen trees, litter, fence damage, or any other issues that might have come up during the winter months. 

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