Three Easy Ways to Prepare Your Cabin to Sell

If you are preparing to sell your cabin, you can do some easy things to help get top dollar and sell it quickly. 


Walk through your cabin with a critical eye and put away any seldom-used recreational equipment, as well as any piles of books, magazines, or odds and ends that have accumulated. If an item doesn’t have a home, pitch it or pack it! Clean all clutter from countertops, including small appliances. You might be amazed at how much bigger your cabin will look when all of the extra “stuff” is put away!

Clean up the outside

The more work a buyer thinks is needed, the lower the price they will want to pay. Taking a bit of time to power wash the deck, dock, or any other parts of your property that have moss, mildew, or are grungy can help make things look spic and span. Trim dead limbs or anything blocking the lake view if you have one. Showcase the beauty of your property!

Make the inside smell good

Sometimes cabins, especially the older ones, may smell musty or have that “not so fresh” smell. Doing a deep clean can help. Mop, dust, clean the baseboards and polish any wood. Painting takes a bit of time, but a fresh coat of paint can make things look and smell newer. 

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