Three Fantastic Tips for Early Ice Walleye Fishing

It’s strange to be talking about early ice in late December, but here we are. The mild temperatures have been a bit unusual, but hey – it’s 2020! It looks like winter is finally here, however, and so it’s time to start enjoying some fishing!

Here are a few tips for early ice walleye fishing:

Try the weeds. Early ice means you might still be able to find weeds, which hold fish all year long due to the oxygen they create. 

Use live bait. With the milder temps we’ve had, it’s easier to keep bait alive and lively. Active bait attracts more fish versus using a limp minnow. Try Red-tails, a favorite with Minnesota anglers!

Move quietly and minimize noise. Walleye are cautious early in the season and easy to spook. They’re getting used to new noises from footsteps to augers. Make sure you’re set up and ready come evening; it’s key to not spooking the fish!

Don’t forget to overdress for the weather. You can take layers off if you’re hot, but once you get cold, it’s miserable.

Want the latest fishing update? Click here. Above all, be safe out there. And have fun!