Venison Recipes that Always Satisfy

The Best Ways to Prepare Venison (with the least amount of work)

Despite one of the warmest openers in recent history here in Minnesota, this year’s deer hunting season didn’t disappoint. Many Minnesota hunters successfully filled their tags with trophy bucks and mature does from their hunting property or cabins throughout northern Minnesota. 

So now it’s simply a question of how to prepare all of the fresh venison that you were able to harvest from your hunt. 

A quick search online will reveal that foodies have shared more and more over the years from their lists of new recipes and better ways to enjoy venison. And as you know, venison prepared poorly can put a bad taste in your mouth for years to come, but venison prepared right can be a delicacy.

Simple Venison Steaks  

Consider preparing some venison steaks with minimal seasoning and a just the right amount of grilling. Some black peppercorn sprinkled overtop mustard on a steak will be just the right amount of flavoring. Grilling times will vary based on whether you’re cooking with gas or charcoal. But a grilled venison steak, even in the dead of winter, is the easiest – and can be the most enjoyable – venison recipe. 

Venison Stew  

Being a Minnesotan almost demands that you know how to make a good stew. Some prefer to slow cook their venison so that it doesn’t have the gamey taste that hunted animals can have. Some simply brown the meat on the stovetop before adding it to the stew. Regardless of which direction you go, venison stew is a Minnesota must and makes winters much more bearable. Find a great venison stew recipe here.

Venison Bacon Burgers  

Everyone has their own favorite way to prepare burgers. Ground venison, prepared correctly, can be truly enjoyable. When making the patties, mix ground venison with a raw egg, pieces of bacon, and some fresh rosemary with pepper. Gouda cheese can either be chunked into the patties or melted on top. To add some texture and sweetness, consider dicing up a pear into the patties. However you prepare them, the way you cook them is just as important. 

However you choose to enjoy your venison from this year’s deer hunting season, remember that venison is very low in fat and so is best when it’s prepared and served medium-rare.

Happy hunting…and happy eating!