4 Ways to Keep Your Cabin Energy Efficient This Winter

Winter in Northern Minnesota can really wreak havoc on your heating and energy bills. If you like spending time at your cabin during the winter months, below freezing temps and lots of snowfall, can make it difficult to keep it heated. Here are some tips to help you stay warm and energy efficient during cold weather. 

Take Advantage of Warmth from the Sun

When the sun is shining take advantage of that warmth and open up all of your curtains and blinds. You’ll be surprised at how much warmth sunshine can provide, even through a window. But don’t forget to close them when the sun sets so that you can prevent cold, drafty air from entering your spaces at night. 

Cover or Seal Drafty Windows

If you have older, drafty windows, you might notice that cold air easily seeps through making it difficult to stay warm. In lieu of purchasing all new windows, you can cover or seal them instead. Grab a tube of caulk or some self-adhesive weather stripping from your local hardware store and reseal the edges making sure that you don’t seal your windows completely shut. You can also buy an inexpensive window insulation kit to keep out the cold. 

Keep Your Furnace and Vents Clean/Clear

Regular furnace maintenance such as vent cleanings and professional service can ensure that your heating system is in tip-top shape and running at full capacity to keep you and your loved ones warm. You can also vacuum or wash your vent covers regularly to prevent dust and grime buildup so that airflow is not impacted. 

Cozy up with Warm Clothes and Blankets

It might seem too simple, but putting on an extra layer or grabbing a warm blanket when you’re sleeping or lounging around can help you stay warm without having to bump up the temperature on the thermostat. While there’s no need to completely freeze yourself out, you’ll be surprised how much a couple of degrees can save in energy usage and on your next bill.

While staying warm Up North can be a challenge, it can also help you get more time at the cabin year-round instead of waiting until the weather is warm to enjoy your vacation home. Check out our other blogs for tips on enjoying your time at the cabin.