How to Prepare Your Cabin for the Winter Up North in Minnesota

Ready or not, winter will be here before we know it! Whether or not you are planning on closing up your cabin during the snowy months, you’ll need to do a bit of preparation to make sure that it withstands the harsher temperatures and conditions. Here are a few things you will want to make sure you do:

Outdoor Maintenance 

  • Store any patio furniture and outside decor.
  • Mow the lawn one last time and rake up any leaves.
  • Clean out the gutters.
  • Check for any leaks or cracks in the windows and doors and seal them up so that the cold (and creatures) stay out.
  • Winterize your boat dock.

Indoor Maintenance

  • Check your furnace (if you have one) to make sure it is running properly. 
  • Winterize your plumbing if you haven’t done this before.
  • Turn off your water if you are leaving for the winter. 
  • Make sure all of your appliances are running properly and unplug anything that will not be used if you are closing up.
  • Clean out your pantry and fridge.
  • Close all curtains and shades. 

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