Three Easy Ways to Prepare Your Cabin to Sell

If you are preparing to sell your cabin, you can do some easy things to help get top dollar and sell it quickly. 


Walk through your cabin with a critical eye and put away any seldom-used recreational equipment, as well as any piles of books, magazines, or odds and ends that have accumulated. If an item doesn’t have a home, pitch it or pack it! Clean all clutter from countertops, including small appliances. You might be amazed at how much bigger your cabin will look when all of the extra “stuff” is put away!

Clean up the outside

The more work a buyer thinks is needed, the lower the price they will want to pay. Taking a bit of time to power wash the deck, dock, or any other parts of your property that have moss, mildew, or are grungy can help make things look spic and span. Trim dead limbs or anything blocking the lake view if you have one. Showcase the beauty of your property!

Make the inside smell good

Sometimes cabins, especially the older ones, may smell musty or have that “not so fresh” smell. Doing a deep clean can help. Mop, dust, clean the baseboards and polish any wood. Painting takes a bit of time, but a fresh coat of paint can make things look and smell newer. 

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Top Christmas Gifts That Deer Hunters Will Love This Year

It’s deer hunting season here up north in Minnesota! It’s also the holiday season, and many are starting their gift buying early due to supply chain shortages. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of great gifts for hunters at various price points to make your shopping a bit easier.

High-Performance Cellular Trail Cam

Vortex Razor HD Angled Spotting Scope – 11-33x50mm

Chugach TR Hunting Rain Jacket

SNOW DEER Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks

Rustic Deer Cutting Board

Antler Mounting Kit

Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner Fixed Blade Knife

Please stay safe and have fun out there! Remember to check the Minnesota DNR website for more information and guidelines for the 2021 Minnesota deer hunting season.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Bare or Hunting Land Purchase

Have you ever thought about buying a vacant plot of land? While most people are looking for a lot that already has a home built, there are actually several benefits to buying bare land or hunting land. 

1. Land can be an easy investment. 
Because you aren’t dealing with the upkeep of a building, land can be a wonderful investment opportunity that requires very little work. 

2. There is little risk.
For the most part, nothing can really be destroyed, broken, or stolen from bare land. Therefore, there is less risk of something being damaged and having to deal with extra expenses. 

3. It is inexpensive. 
Investing in bare or hunting land can be relatively inexpensive. Apart from taxes, you will not be paying for electricity, water, or other utilities. Additionally, there is typically little competition when it comes to purchasing land, meaning that you can often get it at a lower price.

4. You have plenty of options.
Whether you want to build a vacation home you can enjoy with your family, a cabin you can rent out, or keep your land bare for hunting or investing, your options are endless!

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How to Prepare Your Cabin for the Winter Up North in Minnesota

Ready or not, winter will be here before we know it! Whether or not you are planning on closing up your cabin during the snowy months, you’ll need to do a bit of preparation to make sure that it withstands the harsher temperatures and conditions. Here are a few things you will want to make sure you do:

Outdoor Maintenance 

  • Store any patio furniture and outside decor.
  • Mow the lawn one last time and rake up any leaves.
  • Clean out the gutters.
  • Check for any leaks or cracks in the windows and doors and seal them up so that the cold (and creatures) stay out.
  • Winterize your boat dock.

Indoor Maintenance

  • Check your furnace (if you have one) to make sure it is running properly. 
  • Winterize your plumbing if you haven’t done this before.
  • Turn off your water if you are leaving for the winter. 
  • Make sure all of your appliances are running properly and unplug anything that will not be used if you are closing up.
  • Clean out your pantry and fridge.
  • Close all curtains and shades. 

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Winterize Your Boat Dock in 5 Easy Steps

Summer is drawing to a close, which means it’s time to prepare for the cold weather and snow. Winterizing your boat dock is an important task for this time of year, and doing it properly will help everything stay in top shape. If you’re not sure where to start, here are 5 easy steps to winterizing your dock: 

1. First, remove all accessories you have attached to your dock. This includes things like kayaks and paddleboards that you may have tethered as well as anything else that may be attached.

2. Next, check and tighten all bolts and screws. Some of these may have come loose from wear over the summer, so it’s a good idea to make sure everything is secure before you use your dock again in the spring. 

3. It’s always a good idea to clean and seal the decking portion of your dock before the season is over. This way, it can avoid damage that might be caused by algae or other bacteria. 

4. If you have a fixed dock, you may want to use a bubbler or de-icer to reduce the amount of ice that is formed around your dock in the winter. 

5. Depending on what kind of dock you have, the last step is to either remove it from the water or attach a safety line to it and secure it on a fixed structure on shore, such as a tree. You will also want to detach it from shore the best you can by removing any ramps or steps. This can help avoid shoreline erosion. 

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Top Real Estate Market Tips When Shopping for Your Dream Cabin

It’s a competitive market right now when it comes to purchasing a home of any kind. If you’re starting to shop around for a cabin or vacation home, keep some of these tips in mind as you navigate the real estate world:

Make a list of deal breakers. 

Before you even begin your search, make a list of some deal breakers you have when it comes to your future cabin. Identify a few things that you consider to be true “deal breakers” as well as things you may not like but can still live with. This will help narrow down your options.

Have a financial plan in place. 

From being preapproved on a mortgage to brainstorming ways to finance your cabin, it always helps to put together a plan early on so you don’t run into issues down the road during your search. 

Be flexible. 

Know going into your search that you will likely have to make some compromises. Your first choice may fall through. You may not find something that checks off every box on your wishlist while still falling within your price range. Have patience and set realistic expectations as you go into the searching process. 

Let’s work together to make your dream a reality!

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Best Local Festivals and Events in the Leech Lake Area

Are you looking for something fun to do near Leech Lake and the surrounding areas in northern Minnesota? Check out a few of these fun festivals and events coming up this next month!

Walker Farmers Market – every Thursday through September 16, 2021 

Take a break and spend some time browsing the Walker Farmers Market! With a wide selection of produce, food, crafts, jewelry, and more, you will not walk away empty-handed. Plus, there is live music to enjoy! 

Ethnic Fest – September 11, 2021

Watch Walker, Minnesota come to life during this celebration of cultures from around the world! From food and drinks to music and dancing, Ethnic Fest is a day to enjoy the arts and cuisine from different countries and learn something new.

Harvest Moon – September 18, 2021

Enjoy beer and wine-tasting along with live entertainment at Moondance in Walker! This is the 8th annual Harvest Moon event and is perfect for an evening out or a weekend getaway of kicking off the autumn season.

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5 Best Tips for Financing Your Cabin

If you’ve recently decided that you’re going to finance your cabin, there are several things to keep in mind. Here are 5 tips that will hopefully help you out in the long run no matter how you’re going about financing your cabin.

1. Check your credit score early on. Your credit score will determine how high of an interest rate you may get charged from a mortgage lender, so check this early on to get an idea of how much you can expect to pay.

2. Do your research on loans. There are many options available. It may take a bit of time and research to find what will work best for you. Don’t be afraid to go slow and ask questions!

3. Don’t put too little money down. Do a little math and figure out how much money you can realistically put down up front. While you may feel a little hesitant to put too large of a chunk down, keep in mind that it will end up saving you money in the long run. 

4. Consider renting out your cabin. This can be a great way to earn a bit of extra cash which can help you out with your financing. 

5. Keep insurance in mind. You don’t want to be caught off guard by any expenses, especially insurance. This is another thing you’ll want to research as you’re going through the financing process.

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6 Top Priorities for Remodeling Your Cabin

Are you thinking about remodeling your cabin? If this is something you’ve put thought into but are stuck on where to start, consider making some of these your top priorities as you begin your project.

1. Assess your current conditions.
Start by taking a critical look around your cabin and figure out which space is in most need of a little extra care and tackle that first.

2. Get specific.
Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Once you figure out which space in your cabin needs an update, start to narrow down exactly what needs to be fixed, upgraded, and what you want to change.

3. Find some inspiration.
Maybe you know you want to change something, but you’re unsure what you want the end result to be. Browse online and see how other people have remodeled their cabins to get some ideas.

4. Make a list of what you need.
Once you know what exactly needs to be fixed and remodeled, start making a list of the specific tools and items that you’ll be needing.

5. Settle on a budget.
This is an important one! Having a budget put in place before you start a project is important so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

6. Find some help.
Don’t try to do this all by yourself! Whether you’re hiring professionals or having friends or family members help, it’s a good idea to work together with someone rather than do it alone. This will save you a lot of time and trouble.

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4 Local Minnesota Lakes with the Best Fishing

Minnesota is home to an abundance of lakes, making it one of the best states for freshwater fishing! If you’re searching for some spots to catch some walleye up north this summer, check out our list of the top 4 lakes in the area: 

Leech Lake is the third largest lake that lies entirely within Minnesota’s borders. It has a number of different bays to explore and is a great lake for boating. You can expect to find plenty of species of fish here! 

Lake Winnibigoshish is connected to the Mississippi River along with two smaller lakes, Sugar Lake and Cut Foot Souix Lake. Surrounded by resorts and campgrounds, it is a prime place to catch fish. The largest muskie caught in Minnesota was from this very lake!

Cass Lake is another lake that is connected to the Mississippi River. Although it’s one of the smaller lakes on our list, some claim that it’s one of the best lakes for catching walleye in the state! 

Ten Mile Lake may be another small lake on our list, but it’s worth paying a visit to! It’s 208 feet at its deepest and features a large variety of fish, from black bullhead catfish to rainbow trout! 

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